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Wheel Wolf Press Release


Wheel Wolf (Werewolf Horror)
Release date: 8/20/2013 (Kindle) 9/10/2013 (Paperback)
Press Release is to announce the Book Release and Rafflecopter Giveaways: Signed paperbacks & Tote Bags, Wolf T-Shirts, Guardian Necklace, and other gifts.
Wheel Wolf is an Amazon Bestseller in the categories of: werewolves, shifters, horror, paranormal, suspense.

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Blurb: Beneath a full, blood moon, on the way home from his girlfriend's house, Jack Bailey encounters something terrifying at Phantom Lake. Fleeing the unknown, he dumps his bike and is found unconscious, his body tangled with a naked girl. Jack struggles to regain memory and the use of his legs, while fighting a sudden urge for raw meat and to bay at the moon. Wheel Wolf is a story of unconditional love that lives beyond the grave, and a relentless fight for retribution.

1) The moon is full and crimson, as though a beating heart at the core is pumping blood through its craters.
2)  Before I have a chance to work the zipper of my jacket, Jenny's hand parts the leather, circles my abs, then her fingers drill into my ribs until my eyes water from laughing. She tugs on the bulky cross supported by the braided chain she's just wrapped around my neck."What is this, some kind of weapon?" I chuckle, holding the cross out before me to examine it. The silver edges are so finely chiseled, they're almost serrated. "It doesn't look like any cross I've ever seen."
3) What was a hairy bump in the middle of a thicket, rises like a demon from hell, then jerks up the most gruesome head I've ever seen. I'm being studied by glowing red eyes. Face it, Jack. You've never seen anything like this before, so don't even try to compare it to something it's not. Not a bear. Deer, no way. A gargantuan wild boar? Not in this neck of the woods. Neck. This thing has no neck. A huge head grows out of massive shoulders. With pointed ears and snout, it's very canine looking but seems to be standing on two feet.
4) I'm so out of it. Last I remember, I was floating in the sky. Sinking in black water, like when I jumped off Fisher's Bridge. Now my body is being lifted by invisible hands. I'm rocking, swinging in a hammock. A cradle? Mom?
5) "I believe you were bitten, Jack." He's so blunt, it takes a few seconds for his diagnosis to penetrate.
"Bitten? Do you mean to tell me, a chunk of my flesh is inside some animal's gut?" Holy fuck. I'm about to be sick. "Do I need a rabies shot?"
"You've already had the first of the series." He uncrosses one leg, and crosses the other.
"Christ. A dog bit me when I was lying on the ground unconscious?" I'm lowering my head that's moving side to side, rubbing a palm over my sandpaper cheek.
"I'm not sure what bit you." More bluntness. At least he's honest.
My head snaps up. "Come on." I grip my wheels, roll back and forth. If I could use my legs I'd be pacing. "Are you serious?"
"Traces of saliva point to a human, but the teeth marks don't. In my estimation, they resembled some type of canine."
6) I'm going ballistic, like the madman I am. But I'm a creature of the night. A raging beast. I'm the bullet whistling down the barrel of a .45, whizzing through the air, powerful. Deadly. Precise.

Victoria (January) Valentine is a New York writer and indie book publisher. She has been writing for most of her life in one form or another: poetry, short stories, song lyrics, children's books, adult novels. Wheel Wolf is her fifth novel.
Victoria's favorite genres to read and write are horror, thrillers, and contemporary romance. Besides writing and publishing for others, she blogs and hosts Away With Words on Blogtalkradio on Wednesdays where she pimps indie and traditionally published authors and their amazing books and careers. "Our gabfests are a blast. You're invited to join us!" website:
Media Contact: skylineeditor at hotmail

Kindle: August 20, 2013
Paperback: September 10, 2013
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and from other sellers.
Contact: Victoria (January) Valentine
Wheel Wolf Book Release and Rafflecopter Giveaways

Werewolf horror author January Valentine, is releasing her fifth novel, Wheel Wolf, in August 2013, and alongside the release are several Rafflecopter giveaways where lucky winners get signed paperback copies of the novel, Wolf t-shirts, tote bags, werewolf jewelry. Surprise gifts to be announced.
Wheel Wolf delves into the dark and interesting realm of werewolves, and through the main character Jack Bailey, takes the reader into the intense, gripping, and dramatic tale of how an ordinary man comes to grips with his change into a werewolf.
Numerous werewolf horror movies and novels are published every year, each with a purpose of telling the mystery behind werewolves. However, few authors manage to really showcase the emotions, suspense, twists, and realizations that main characters go through, and January Valentine is among those few.
Wheel Wolf follows the story of Jack Bailey, a soon to be forest ranger in upstate New York, who endures a scary attack from an unknown creature one night as he is speeding home from his girlfriend's house. The attack leaves him paralyzed from the waist down, as well as the main suspect in a murder investigation stemming from a dead girl’s body found pinned to his body. Jack must deal with his physical injuries, proving his innocence, as well as the extraordinary abilities the vicious attack seems to have brought upon him.
January Valentine is a New York writer and indie book publisher, and has made a name for herself by publishing novels in the romance, horror, new adult and contemporary romance novel categories. Besides writing, she blogs and hosts the show Away With Words on Blogtalkradio, as well as managing her own website (

For further information on how to get a copy of the book and enter into the raffles, contact: skylineeditor at  hotmail  

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