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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

January Valentine Books: Author Takeover on For The Love Of Books

January Valentine Books: Author Takeover on For The Love Of Books: I hope you can join me on Thursday 2/27 from 12 noon till  2 pm Central time -  1 pm till 3 pm Eastern time. We'll be playing games...

Author Takeover on For The Love Of Books

I hope you can join me on Thursday 2/27 from 12 noon till  2 pm Central time -  1 pm till 3 pm Eastern time. We'll be playing games, passing out swag.  
Most of all, we'll be getting together to have some fun. xo

For The Love Of Books

Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 14, 2014

Author Takeover Day

I'll be doing a 2 hour takeover on For The Love Of Books on February 27th from 12 PM CENTRAL time till 2 PM which is 1 PM EASTERN till 3 PM EASTERN. Join me and Team Wolf for games and surprises  
For The Love Of Books

More info to come !!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bloody Valentine Blog Hop

Happy Bloody Valentine's Day to all the Lovers ... of romance and horror.
 From the moment I could read, my favorite genre was horror. Of course it had to be mixed with romance. What's better than romance and horror? Horror and romance?  Now I write both, separate, at the same time. I'm the author of 8 books, novellas, short stories, poetry. I'm not happy unless I'm writing. Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you like my stories and excerpts. Please be sure to check out all of the great blogs listed at the bottom of this post. <3  Thank you A.F. Stewart for putting this event together, and for the invite. Love you guys. 

Let's start off with a poem I wrote years ago, originating from a dream. Then we can move on to some real bloody stuff ;-)  Here's a link to my other blog with an assortment of books and giveaways and all kinds of goodies.  I hope you enjoy your stay.

Last night the cat tapped
At my window
Freezing me
With panic
First I saw the
Birds flee in fear
Creatures with wings
In darkness
Yet there was light
I heard them scream
Flying for their lives
Fast and high as they could
That huge flying cat
So black with golden
Spots and wings
and a face of
Rapping on my window
With glaring angry eyes
Abandoning the birds
Trying to get inside

Fun, Games, Awesome Prizes!! February 14th from 10am till 7 pm EST.

Wheel Wolf ... something wants to eat you, Jack!

When the moon is full and the color of blood ... Don't stop at the lake!  You never know what you'll run into. 
Jack & Jenny share an Unconditional Love that Lives Beyond the Grave

The moon is full. Jack is about to escape from rehab, "em-barking" upon his first transformation.

I'm like a kid with new kicks, a spring in my step. I've got a mind like a steel trap, the physical strength of a dozen men. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I have to know if I'm the badass I think I am. 'Cos I feel like I own the world.

I'm loping down 44, in the direction of my house, wondering if I left any steaks in the freezer. The place is dark, looks deserted. It is, asshole. Jack doesn't live here anymore. He's in rehab. Remember?

For the hell of it, I'm sniffing around my windows. Mentally staging a break-in. I even take a piss on my front lawn. That's when I notice I'm naked. Not covered with clothes or skin. Fur baby. Nice soft fur. I run my hands up and down my body digging the feel. I'm a beast, yet I can reason. And reason tells me, I'm no longer Jack Bailey. I was bitten by something that turned me into an animal. An animal craving flesh. Raw, bloody flesh. I need to get me some.

I'm angry, hungry, all kinds of emotional, but most of all, I'm out for blood. Dying to tear some poor bastard's throat out. Home invasion pops into my head.

I pad down a driveway at the end of a cul de sac where the night is murky. Lonely. I creep around the backyard. The entire downstairs seems unoccupied. Dark. Nice and inviting. The best part, a second floor light is glowing, attracting me like a moth.

Pause paws. Think. Do I break the back door down and go charging up the stairs?  Burst through the bedroom door while he's on top of her? Or climb up that ivy trellis. Crash through the window. The element of surprise makes my heart beat like a drum. Pump my boiling blood more furiously through my arteries. I feed off fear. It makes me stronger. Bolder. I want to suck up every ounce of terror flowing from their human pores. Yeah. That's what it's all about.

I'm calculating, climbing, panting, teetering on a ledge, gaping jaws dripping excitement. I still have this fucking erection. I'm about to surrender to castration. I'm peering through the bedroom window, salivating. In soft pink light, they're putting on an interesting show. Sure enough, he's fucking her. Only she's on top of him, meaning, she's fucking him. I'm getting hotter by the minute. Excess saliva is dripping down my throat, so now I'm wheezing.

Here I go. Hurl my body through the window. Feet first. Shattered glass is tinkling, sprinkling, falling on white carpet like snow. Her head spins. Her blue eyes bulge. I inhale her wine breath, her passion, her terror. An amazing blend. Arousal never felt this sensational. She's on her feet, a scream lodged in her throat. Deserting the guy, she's breaking for the door.

Nah ah, sweetie. You ain't goin' nowhere. Before she can blink, I'm on her, sweeping her off her feet, holding her high over my head, so her feet are dangling off the floor. My nose is in her crotch. I'm inhaling deeply. Losing myself. She's kicking up a hell of a fuss, but I love it. I'm licking my chops. Sniffing her taste.

Her old man's still spread eagle on the bed, wearing a blindfold. Cuffed to the headboard. I have to laugh. He's out of commission, so I drop the girl, beat my chest, and let out a blood-curdling howl. I need him awake and wide-eyed to fully enjoy what's about to go down. It's showtime, folks!

Her screams are driving me wild. I want to fuck her brains out. Literally. Crack her skull like the shell of a nut and eat her brains while I'm doing her. Then sink my fangs so deep into her throbbing throat they enter one side and exit the other side. Feed the leftovers to her old man.

He knows something's off 'cos he stopped grinding, moaning. He hears me snarling. His girl is screaming her lungs out. The cops are gonna be here any minute, because the neighbors would have to be dead or unconscious not to hear the racket I'm making. We're making. She's screeching as loud as I'm howling.

Home invasion hits me hard; is this what he would have done to Jenny if she was at home the night he broke in? Only I wouldn't have been there to fight for her. Like this guy's trying to do. Struggling to free himself. It's ironic though. Both of us chained to our beds when our ladies need us. Him cuffed. Me lying in a hospital bed. Shit is swirling through my head like crap flushing down a toilet.

She throws her head back, lets out a raspy scream, then hops off him, disappearing into what I assume is the bathroom. Must have been one hell of an orgasm, is what I'm thinking when he snaps off the light. The show's over. 

He plants roses ... in dead women. A witness says: He doesn't look human.


What's a Seven Day Wonder?

A Seven Day Wonder is a person or a process supposedly perfected in only seven days.    ―Quoted from the Free Dictionary

The most tantalizing fantasies lurk within the deepest recesses of our minds. When the urges demand release, we must set them free.  ―LL

Seven Day Wonder, moi writing as Lana Lundon :D

A gritty NYPD detective awakens in a ski lodge, only to find himself imprisoned with a sultry angel. While he struggles with unearthly temptation, fleeting flashbacks trigger deep-seeded memories of the woman he arrived with. 

Blinking, I stare into the colorful eyes of the amazing angel who slips from my grasp, starts doing this double-jointed cat crawl across the mattress, a low growl rising from her otherwise silent throat. She grazes my body with hers.
"Can you talk or what?" Fuck frustration. Now I'm coming apart. "What are you up to? Why did you lock me in here?" I narrow my blurry eyes at her. My dick isn't the only thing stiff: my joints are frozen, limbs like lead. It's getting harder and harder to focus, to move. "Did you drug me?"  Now I'm worried about waking up in a bathtub of ice, missing a kidney. 
It takes all of my strength, but I shove her away, roll off the bed and onto my feet. Stalk around the room, holding onto walls because now I'm fucking dizzy. Ripping empty drawers open, searching for my belongings. Other than the condoms, the room is bare. No boots, no pants, no wallet, no keys, no fucking cigarettes.
My craving for nicotine only inflames my desire for this mysterious angel, girl, creature, whatever the hell she is. I don't give a damn. I'm an animal in heat and if I don't slide into her soon, I'm gonna crash through that barred window. Barred? I rush to the window, rattle the frame, try to lift the sash. Solid as a rock. Shit, no escaping this way. I stumble to the door. The bolts won't budge. What the fuck?
"Hey ... open the door. I want out of this. You hear me? I'm done playing games with you, bitch. Let me out or ..."
She's been shadowing me, tickle torturing my ass with her fingertips, grabbing my junk. Next thing I know, she steps in front of me, pins me to the wall, drags her smooth tongue over my cheek, then tongue-fucks my ear. Slides her hand between my legs and starts tugging. All in what's becoming nerve-wracking, what the fuck is going on, silence. So there's no way in hell I'd be able to release this load, even if I wanted to. Which I do, yet I don't.  
Her sharp teeth graze my throat. Her free hand caresses my ass. Wait ... her rose colored eyes are now forest green. I run a testing finger over her lips. What the fuck am I dealing with? Some kind of mutant witch?
She slams her body against mine. Throws a leg around my hip and swipes my cock with her wet pussy. I'm using every last bit of energy to stand up, no less resist her. I can't fuck another girl. My heart belongs to Johanna, which means, so does my dick.
I grab the back of her head. Jerk her face to mine. "Are you someone from my past? Holding a grudge or something? Talk to me. We can work this out." I shake her shoulders, then drop my arms to my side.
Maybe she's deaf, I don't know. She wraps me in a bear hug, grinds us across the floor and to the bed. Tosses me around like I'm weightless.  Hops onto the mattress beside me and drops to her knees, like she wants me to do her doggie style. This chick just doesn't get it. I tap her ass.
"Baby, you're beautiful and all, tempting as hell, but I just can't." At another time I'd be sinking deep inside her, pounding her onto another planet. But I'm taken. I might even ask Johanna to marry me. I can't believe I'm thinking this way.
She crawls up between my legs, her face in my junk, and her tongue licks fire across my entire groin, up my shaft. I don't know how much longer I can hold out. I'm in agony, ready to scream.
"Why are you taunting me? What the hell's going on?" I push her off, try to pull my thighs together, but by now, I've weakened pathetically. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Partners in Promoting Event Today Saturday 2/8

 Hello Everyone

I'll be at Kelli Smith's Partners in Promoting  Event on Facebook **today** Saturday February 8th at 5 pm EASTERN time along with Team Wolf!!  We'll be howling up a storm of fun and games and Bridgette will be blogging and hosting a rafflecopter for these beautiful gifts!!

The place:

The time:  5 pm Eastern Standard Time

Hope to see you there!!

Find Fighting For You on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Rafflecopter Prizes include a $10.00 Amazon GC. Pewter Wolf Paw on chain and Stethoscope and Key beaded book thong. 

Game Prizes include signed paperbacks and a tote bag
Gifts mailed USA - Ebook for International winners

Pick up a copy of Fighting For You and enter the Raffle
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wheel Wolf Audio Book

Wheel Wolf audio book is in production !!  I just listened to the completed prologue and almost fainted. My narrator is totally rocking this book. Thank you Cliff!!!!  You are awesome. :-) 

Wheel Wolf, Audio Book ... Coming Soon !!! Kindle & Paper back are available.

Wheel Wolf ~ He's not part of a pack ...

Beautiful Experiment Book Trailer

Head Over Wheels Book Trailer

Sweet Dreams Book Trailer

Love Dreams Book Trailer

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