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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fighting For You audio book *squee*

It's Here !!!!!

Audio book coming in June. Listen to a 5 minute Retail Excerpt narrated by Melissa Barr.

Listening to audio of Fighting For You !!! We're up to this chapter ... (sounds so amazing. This girl knocked "phone sex" chapter out of the park!!) 
As I meandered down 58th Street, facing the morning breeze, I hadn't planned on tackling the monumental future, the risky journey only fate held in its indecisive grasp. Instead, I focused on the deeply buried roots of the past, the point where everything had come together, but now threatened to explode. The pretty girl from Poughkeepsie, outgoing but somewhat aloof, the one who'd hugged a smiling mom goodbye, kissed a proud dad with glistening eyes, promising to always be sensible, careful, always a step ahead ... and above ... seemed to be scraping her way around every twist and turn in the road that was not as smooth as anticipated.
The old Jewelia Delarosa was a droplet of cells bubbling in a Petri dish, and I was the scientist, dissecting, analyzing, taking notes, and I began thumbing through yesterday's pages. My sepia existence had developed into a blooming dahlia, so full, a delectable shade of cherry pink, and there didn't seem time to do anything but breathe the fragrance of promise. A rush of exhaust from the midtown bus caught in my throat just as I approached the entrance to school.
With only two classes to complete, and a job that was nowhere near demanding, my head still spun, and fitting my life into each twenty-four hour day seemed impossible. Still, time dragged. I could barely wait for my first real date with Indigo.

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