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Friday, September 11, 2015

Walking In A Giant's Footsteps by Victoria Valentine Books & Audio Books

***New Release ***

The valley is in serious trouble. A drought threatens farmers, families, and wildlife. Another problem Jim is facing: kids tease him because he's the shortest boy in his class. Hurrying home from school one day, Jim falls into a rut. It's not an ordinary rut, it's a huge footprint! Jim is astonished to discover a giant boy who has wandered down from his snowy mountain home to visit the valley in distress. Both boys feel different and soon become friends. The giant boy, Wilhelm, has a magical dragon friend he calls Happy Cloud Fluff. Happy has never landed. Is there anything the three can do to solve the valley's problem? Find out inside this colorfully illustrated children's fantasy story of optimism, bravery, and friendship.

Live on Amazon Kindle now!!  Available in paperback on Amazon and other sites. Coming soon to audiobook. 

Signed copies from Water Forest Press Bookstore.


The Cutest Little Duckie Audio Book Release Victoria Valentine Books

The Cutest Little Duckie Audio Verson!!

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For a Limited Time you can receive a FREE audio version with the purchase of Duckie paperback!  Amazon 

Monkey, Duckie and Bear are three adorable characters who share an exciting adventure when they set out to find Bear's misplaced Mommy. Along the way, they come to learn that being different is natural, being small is perfectly fine, bravery is an admirable quality, and friendship is something to be treasured. Individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations can find much in common, while forming strong bonds. Follow the trio on an unforgettable spring and summer journey through the forest, as they impact each others lives with wisdom and kindness.Young readers may have to look some words up in a dictionary, but that's okay. We learn new things every day.

Wheel Wolf ~ He's not part of a pack ...

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